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EXCEL Motorcycle Rim

Profile by rim type

H Shape

Excel Rim Profile

U(WM) Shape

Excel Rim Profile
off-road to street

U(MT) Shape

Excel Rim Profile
wide width

V Shape

Excel Rim Profile
A60 supercross

Rim design and development

CAE Result
Stress value
HighStress scaleLow
3D model
3D Rim Design and CAE Stress Analysis to develop the best profile and aluminum alloy.

Unique Production Process

Part of Excel Rim's secret and strength is the exclusive know-how in extrusion design, complex multi-step forming, advanced robotics welding, heat treatments, hard anodizing...

Product comparison

Max load Weight
H shape, Wide Width and Underbone rims are not comparable.

USE ONLY MILD PH NEUTRAL SOAP for cleaning to prevent from chemical damaging!
After cleaning, please immediately rinse with clean water.
Use of acidic or alkaline cleaner/chemicals, solvents, and so on are PROHIBITED.
These may damage the anodizing layer causing corrosion, discoloration, stain, dullness, etc.
Damaged anodizing layer cannot be repaired, nor covered by warranty in case of inappropriate treatment.